Thank You

Thank you for the moments; Thank you for the years
Thanks for always cushioning my worries and my fears

Thank you for the inspiration; Thank you for the hope
Thank you for making it so effortless to cope

Thank you for the conversations; Thank you for the love
And for taking me to special places I’ve been dreaming of

Thank you for supporting love, whether near of far
Thank you just for being the sister that you are

My heart is just rejoicing, it’s jumping up and down
It’s dancing in the meadows and it’s spinning all around

My heart is doing somersaults, and flip-flops in the air
It’s doing rolling cartwheels and jumping jacks with flair

My heart is doing little swirling spirals in the breeze
It’s fluttering and twirling and it’s tumbling with ease

My heart is doing wheelies, it’s relishing in fun
So grateful is my little heart for all that you have done


Posted on 5 Iulie, 2006, in Poems & Stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 1 comentariu.

  1. Reminds me of ‘thank you’ from Allanis Morisette.
    Nice 2 have such feelings.

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